Saturday, May 9, 2009

Daycare is disgusting

Desi just wrapped up his 2nd week of Daycare. He started the last week of April, only going a few hours a day, since my mother was in town. He spent 2 hours on Wednesday, 4 hours on Thursday...and then, we kept him out Friday so we could take him to the doctor because he had a cough and a disgustingly runny nose.

Fast-forward to the end of this week. Desi still has a runny nose, although not as bad. However, he has passed the bug on to Shaundar, who came home early from work on Friday.

When I took him to the doctor...the doctor asks, "Is he in daycare?"

I say, "Yeah...for about 6 hours."

Doctor says, "That's what this is. The more time he spends in daycare, the faster he'll become immune." is goes. Less than 2 weeks spent in daycare and he's already passed on the daycare crud. I haven't caught it, yet. Hopefully, I don't. But, I suspect this isn't the last time Desmond will bring a gift home from his friends.

Stupid daycare.

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