Teething or sick or seething?

This pretty much sucks. We have one cranky baby. He came home sick from daycare on Friday. He had a temp...daycare said 102, but it was only about 100 when I got him home. The rest of Friday, he seemed alright.

Saturday is another story. This poor kid is miserable. M-I-S-E-R-A-B-L-E. He's still running a fever and he is clearly not comfortable. We're pretty sure it's teething because he's drooling like a band geek outside a sorority house and he's sticking everything in his mouth. His sucky (pacifier) has even become his chewy, today.

He won't nap for longer than ten minutes. He's having a hard time nursing. He did eat his "solid" food, though. So, at least we know something's going in. He's had 2 huge poops, so we know it's coming out, too.

Poor kid. Crying is definitely getting more time than the happy play time, today.


Staci said…
Here's what you do:

Wet a wash rag, one of your that are a little more course than baby wash clothes.

Stick the rag in the freezer until it just barely stiff.

Give it to Desi and let him gnaw on it. Works great. I did it with both boys AND Mason.

And, teething tablets worked for my kids. I don't like the Orajel goo.

OH!! And the Biter Biscuits, tho you've prob'ly tho't of that already.

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