I ordered the steak

Little man is on solid foods, now. And, by solid foods, I mean really really squishy foods.

Last weekend, we gave him some sweet potato. Now, the guy is a maniac. He wants his bloody sweet potato and he wants it NOW. As I was feeding him, I got up to let the dog outside. WAAAAAAAHHH. We ran out of sweet potato in the dish. WAAAAAAAHHH. I got up to get some more. WAAAAAAAHHHH.

Here's a little clip. Goofy boy also likes to sing while he eats.

Sweet potato is just the first round. We'll keep introducing him to new things. Things like carrots...peas...applesauce...jalepenos...etc.


Staci said…
He's not singing....

He's very politely saying, "Will you hurry the !#%@ up with the FOOD?! Geez, man!!"

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