Wednesday, May 6, 2009

New office digs

A while ago, I told you we were moving into a new office. Well, we're there now, and it's AWESOME.

Here's the outside, from the view of the courtyard area.

Here's my office...messy, as usual. And, pretty small, but I'll happily trade my old bigger office for this one, with a window!

The view...of...ummm...something. I'm sure this will be better once construction is complete.

My Monster, Joey. I think he killed Dilbert, on the top shelf.

The employee art gallery. Artwork made by Microsoft employees.

It's a completely different feel from our old office. The old office was about 3 miles away from the main campus. It was in a boring corporate plaza by the rock quarry. was lame.

This one has a great atmosphere. We've got a "mall" within the campus. Although, it's mostly just places to eat. But, I like to eat, so that works. It's got a soccer field, a basketball court and a volleyball court. There's a theatre, somewhere...although, I am sure this is more for corporate presentations than for watching the new Star Trek movie.

If you're in the neighborhood, I'll show you around.

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