Friday, May 29, 2009

Check the diaper!

So, after my screaming post, Desi is starting to get the hang of sleeping without his swaddle. Mom and dad are starting to get used to it, as well. Although, I still get up about twice a night to make sure he's breathing. Aside from the 2 times per night he still wakes up.

He's waking around 2:00, but just briefly. Usually, some snuggling with the weird duck headed washcloth is enough to put him back out. Yesterday, he woke at 2. The duck-cloth was just out of his reach. So, I got out of bed and handed it to him. He took it, but kept crying. Not the screaming cry. Just the regular one. I was watching him on our video monitor and I could see him lifting his head up and looking around in a "Daddy, where did you go?" fashion. It made me a bit sad. But, I was tired and I knew he would fall asleep again soon...which he did.

When he woke at his regular 4:00 feeding time, I went in to get him. I've been changing his diaper before feeding so he can eat and go right back to sleep. When I put him on the changing table to change him, I saw poop. Poor kid had crapped his pants earlier in the morning. That's why it took him a bit longer to fall asleep and probably why he continued to look around the room for me. "Hey, stupid!" he was saying, "I got poops!"

Anyway...I'm sure there will be many more times when I feel like a horrible father. But, I think he still likes me cuz we had a fun morning before the daycare drop off.

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Anonymous said...

I wouldn't feel too guilty. My bets were that 4:00 poopy was produced pretty close to that time. If memory serves me, my adorable grandson's poopie diaper could be smelled from 10 paces away! AND that was prior to going on solid foods!

Grandma just taught him how to use the symphathy cry...

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