Monday, April 3, 2017

Quincy Update Part 4

And the saga continues.

First of all...if you own cats, keep them in the house.

On Saturday, Quincy started favoring his right eye (the one the cat scratched) again.  Keeping it closed and flinching if we got too close.  Then, Saturday afternoon, it got HUGE!  He was clearly in pain.  Sunday night was rough.  Panting, whining.  Sunday, we gave him his pain pills and tried to keep him comfy.  I mean, he's scheduled to have both eyes removed on Monday.

Well...apparently I am a horrible pet owner.  Took him in to the ophthalmologist this morning.  She looked at it and chewed me out for not calling them.  Apparently, due to the swelling, he can't have surgery (again).  We need to get the swelling down.  And, she's concerned about my lack of communication because I should have called.

I informed her this just happened.  Started Saturday after afternoon/evening, blew up on Sunday when they were closed.

But, I know they're on call, she tells me.  He should have been been on anti-biotics as soon as we saw this.  So...I suck.

Anyway...I was presented with 2 options.  Do the surgery, but Quincy's eye is at high risk to "dehiscence."  Her preference is to send him home with a heavy anti-biotic treatment and get the swelling down.  There's no guarantee that it will work.  But, she wants to try.  So, we're trying.

This is all very tiring.  It's been emotional already, just thinking of the surgery this pooch has to go through.  But, this is the second time I have prepared myself for it only to have it not happen.  He is clearly in pain.  And, seeing him in pain hurts me.  I have to keep asking myself if this is all worth it for the little guy.  Am I just doing all this and spending this money for myself?  I can't answer that.  Most likely at some level that's true.  I told myself this morning that if they wouldn't do the surgery, then it was probably time for the next step.  I even asked the doctor if we should be considering that.  She said "No...he just needs to lose the eyes, at this point."  But, when the heck will he lose the eyes?

At this point, he'll lose them on Thursday.  But, none of us can keep doing this.

Here's what he looks like, btw.

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Anonymous said...

Poor Quincy - feel bad for both of you! Hang in there!

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