Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Conversation Pieces - Whats better? Maui or Target?

Ok, I am sharing this story second hand.  Hopefully, I am able to properly convey it as it happened.

The scene is the car ride home from work.  The characters: Desmond and Kim.

Desmond: "I am jealous of Max R. and Edie?

Kim:  "Why?"

Desmond: "They get to go on vacation for spring break!"

Kim: "Oh yeah...where are they going?"

Desmond: "Max R. gets to go to Disneyland and Edie is going to Maui."

Kim: "Maui?!  Maui is one of my favorite places." 

Desmond: "I know.  Mine too."

Kim: "Well, Grandma is visiting for spring break this year.  And she'll probably take you to Target."

Desmond: *pause* "I honestly don't know which one is better!"

Kim:  "Really?  I know which one is better."

Desmond: "Yeah...I know.  Maui is better.  They have a Target in Maui." 

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