Friday, March 31, 2017

Quincy Update Part 3, here is where we're at.

Quincy had his heart exam on Monday.  It was fine.  There are some concerns, but nothing major enough that the heart doc didn't think he should do surgery.  Just some anesthetic considerations.

However, let's talk about his "Good eye" for a moment.

Last weekend, I put Quincy outside.  He was out there longer than usual.  I assumed it was because it was sunny that day.  It hasn't been sunny in a long time.  I just figured he was chilling on the porch.  Finally, I decided to check on him.

He wasn't sitting on the porch.  He was at the far end of the yard sitting awkwardly, with a cat staring him down from either side.  Two of them, keeping him from going anywhere.  If Quincy has a terrified face, he was showing it.  Talk about bullies!

I went out to get him and had to carry him in.  He wouldn't move.  I put him down and went to pet him and he yelped!  I looked a more closely and saw that he was bleeding a bit.  And, he wasn't opening his eye.  His "good" eye.

Stupid cats punched my dog in the face, claws out.  Significantly scratched his eye ball.  Poor Quincy was terrified to go outside for the next few days.  All he did was lie in bed.  Not sure if that was from pain or embarrassment.  But, it's like these dumb cats knew exactly what to do to make everything worse.

It was almost 48 hours before he could open that eye, again.  He's already got some pain killers, so I made sure to give him some of those to keep him content.

When Desmond next saw one of these cats in the backyard, he went after it with a spray bottle!  Des is confident the cat isn't coming back.  I'm not so sure.

Anyway, the vet now DEFINITELY recommends both eyes.  She says that the eye is going to be encountering similar problems very soon.  We're no longer talking years.

So, Quincy is scheduled for Monday.  Both eyes.  This is a hard choice to make.  This is going to cost us a lot of money.  Money that could be spent on time off from work.  But, I just can't make the call to do anything else, at this point.  Hopefully we do it this time.  This whole thing has been stressful and has made me pretty sad for my pups.

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