Tuesday, April 25, 2017

I might be a little obsessed - OR - Graphic Tees for Babies

So, I may have become a little obsessed.  And, my obsession is with baby clothes.  You know, the whole, "Oh my goodness, this is sooooo cute," gushiness that I hear from women anytime they see tiny baby shoes or something.

But, alas...mine is much more specific.  You see, babies have their own version of the graphic tee.  Something that, if you know me, you know that I love.

Now, I am not the oogly boogly mushy gushy type.  Even when Desmond was little, while I knew my kid was adorable, you would never hear me be all like, "OMG, he is sooooo cute!  Look how cute he is!!!"  And, I especially never did that with clothing.

But then I see something like this:

I mean, COME ON!  It's got R2D2 on it and it says R2 Doo Doo!  Cuz babies poop a lot!  Get it!

Or, what about this one:

It's got the Gold and Crimson of Griffindor AND Snuggle this Muggle totally rhymes!  And, with the hat.  OMG!!!

Finally...what about this:

It's Snoop Dog, yo!  Except, instead of Money, it's Mommy!  Get it!  It's a play on words!!!

Whatever...I do what I want. 

I have, of course, purchased all of these.  And there are others.  There's a super cute Yoda hat with ears that I am excited to put on him.  He's gonna look so awesome!  

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