Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Pet Peeve of the Day...Bus Jerks

UGH!  You know what I hate?  I hate assholes on the bus.  I hate them in general, but today I was annoyed by a specific type.

That type is the one that misses his stop and then gets mad at the bus driver for not accommodating him. 

I take the bus to work almost every day.  Have for years.  Even when I lived in Tacoma, I was on the 545 to dowtown Seattle every morning.  Today, I take the C Line from West Seattle to downtown.  Drops me off about 5 blocks from my office. Takes about 40 minutes. 

Here's the thing...when you are on a bus for that long, often you find yourself dozing off.  I don't doze on the bus too much because it's always standing room only and the simple fact that I am touching a stranger keeps me wide awake.  However, I get how others will doze. 

Well, when you doze, there is a chance you won't wake in time to catch your stop.  That sucks...but I get how it happens.  

However, when it happens, you should get off the bus as the next stop and how on another going the opposite direction to get you where you need to go. 

What you don't do is yell, "BACK DOOR!" at the top of your lungs 100 feet after the stop and then proceed to yell obscenities at the driver because he won't stop for you.  Drivers have a route.  And, while I have never been a bus driver, I am pretty sure there are rules they have to follow on where they can stop and open their doors.  Pretty much, at a bus stop.  Not at the next stoplight.  If they were able to do that, everyone would want to be let out as close to their home or office as possible.  Not to mention the havoc that would throw traffic into.

This isn't the first time I have seen this.  Drives me nuts.  It's my job to get off the bus when I am supposed to.  It's not the drivers job to come wake me up and then accommodate me when I oversleep.

That is all.  

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