Monday, April 24, 2017

Rain, Rain...go the Eff away!

This year has been tough, weather wise.

I was talking to a coworker, not that long ago.  Both of us have been in Seattle for a long time.  I forget how long for her.  But, I've been here 17 years.  We were discussing our general feeling of "blah-ness" lately.

Like, seriously...I have been down, dude.  Just generally bummed out most of the time.  She was in a similar place.

I said I thought it had something to do with the weather.  It's been dreary a lot, lately.  She says, no...we've lived here long enough.  We should be used to this annual darkness.

I disagreed...I feel like this year is worse than past years.

Turns out, I am right.

We have broken a 122 year record for rain this year.

I don't dispute the fact that Seattle is gloomy in the fall and winter months.  But, it's tolerable.  Even with my Arizona blood, I have acclimated enough to take in the regular sun breaks and eat up the amazing spring and summer weather to be able to push through the gloomy times.

Not this year.

This year, we didn't get sun breaks.  This year, there were 3 "mild and sunny" days between October and March.  And, I ain't gonna has sucked.

The sun is finally starting to pop out again.  We had a nice weekend, this past weekend.  The sunshine was broken up by spots of rain, so no day was perfect.  But, it was much more tolerable.

But, I am all done with the rain!  All done!  Go away!  Come back in November when you're invited!

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