Sunday, April 30, 2017

How Well Do I Know My Mate? From Facebook

You may know, I am totally addicted to Facebook.  These stupid status things frequently float around.  I think they're stupid, but I secretly want to do them.  So, I will do them here rather than subjecting everyone on Facebook to nonscense they may not care about.  At least this way, my 2 readers are opting in for my crap. 

I did this recently with the top movies of each year of my life.  Here is the next well do I know my mate.  I think my mate is Kim.  So, here you go: 

  • She's sitting in front of the TV.  What is she watching?
    • That's easy...a kid's cooking show.  Like Masterchef Jr. 
  • What dressing does she usually put on her salad. 
    • That orange French dressing from the buffet, if it's available. 
  • Name a food she hates.
    • Indian food.  Oh, and also snails.  
  • You go out to eat and have a drink.  What is she drinking? 
    • Well, she's pregnant right now, so hopefully Club Soda with lemon.  Otherwise, a glass of wine or maybe something refreshing like a mojito?
  • Favorite type of music?
    • The worst kind.  Country. Barf.
  • What is her nickname for you?
    • Snookiwookums?  Or asshole?  I'm not sure I have a nickname. 
  • What is something she collects?
    • Nothing...she hates clutter. 
  • Where is her favorite place to visit?
    • Hawaii.  2nd favorite is probably her parent's house. 
  • What is her favorite thing for breakfast?
    • Eggs Benedict
  • What would she never wear?
    • Crocks.  Not in public, anyway. 
  • What is her favorite sports team?
    • The Seahawks. 
  • What is something you do that she wishes you wouldn't do?
    • Oh, jeez...only one thing?  I'm gonna go with bite my nails. 
  • What is her least favorite animal?
    • Birds
  • What could she spend all day doing?
    • Watching kids cooking shows.  

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