Monday, May 1, 2017

Kid is HUGE...actually, no he's not

So...Kim has this a human inside her.  And, he takes up a lot of space!  Like, seriously...when he moves, you can't miss it.  It looked something like this:

[editors note:  here was inserted a scene from the movie Aliens...however, given that baby mamma reads this blog, the editor has decided to remove said scene to avoid early labor]

See...clearly not a lot of room.

Therefore, in her last trip to the Doc, Doc suggested another ultrasound.  Because, if this kid is too huge and he's to term, she says she's not going to force Kim to wait another 3 weeks.

OMG...did I just say 3 weeks?  Wow...that's like, really soon.

So, we go to the ultrasound.

We see a little footsie wootsie!  And, we get a good shot of his face, straight on!  From what we saw, it appears he will have a shorter Romine nose as opposed to the pointy Pankow nose that Desmond and I share.

And we see that he is just under 6 lbs, exactly where he should be.

Translation:  No early baby for you.

This is probably good as we're totally NOT ready.  I mean, we've got the baby room all set up and we've got the carseat and all the stuff we need.  So, I guess we're pretty much "ready."  But, we're totally not READY, if you know what I mean.

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