Monday, March 2, 2015

Just Bought Our Honeymoon via the School Auction

Kim and I just attended our first annual Our Lady of Guadalupe School auction!

I've only attended 1 other auction in the past.  And, I ended up spending $200 on a wheel barrow full of beer.  The beer was great!  I ended up donating the wheel barrow back to the organization, mainly because I couldn't fit it in my sedan.

Anyway...this auction was 1000 times more fun.  First of all, I knew many of the people in the room this time.  And, those that I didn't know well...well, what better opportunity to get to know someone than when you are both drinking. :-)

We didn't totally know what to expect going in.  Kim felt pretty sure that people would be dropping large sums of money.  I didn't think so because most of the parents I talk to at OLG are in the same income bucket that I am.  Well to do, but certainly not rich.

Kim was right...I was wrong.

Some examples of items that were sold at auction (amount they sold for is from memory, not official...could be wrong.  I was drinking.):

  • Bowling with the Principal!  Sold for about $1000.
  • Dinner and Theatre with Fr. Jack!  Sold for about $1200.
  • They had a class project from every grade.  Some kind of craft made by the class.  The lowest was $350 or so.  The highest was $1500.
  • A Mariners game complete with a tour of the booth with Tom Hutyler, the PA announcer at Safeco field.  $1200.
  • A sailboat trip with Ms. Sager, the music teacher and church musical director who is amazing! I actually wanted this, but it jumped to over $1k pretty quickly!
And, a ton of other great stuff. 

One of the big ticket items was a stay at the Grand Wailea resort on Maui. Kim and I had not landed on a place to spend our Honeymoon, yet.  And, this was certainly a possibility.  So...we figured we would target this.   

Well, the good news is...we got it for below face value!  The bad news is...someone else wanted it, too.  So, we had a bit of a bidding war at the end.  I feel like we probably could have gotten it for cheaper.  However, Fr. Jack is great at getting people to spend more.  He was walking around the room blessing people encouraging them to give more money.  

So...our honeymoon will officially be at the Grand Wailea!  I have never been, but I hear it is Amazeballz!  Go look at the website.  Or...just look at some pictures here


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