Friday, March 6, 2015

Are people really not vaccinating? Seriously???

I am always hearing about not vaccinating your kids.  However, I am usually hearing it from people who are getting mad about others saying you shouldn't vaccinate.  I know there are some famous-ish people who have talked about how we should not vaccinate.  But, honestly...the last time I listened to Jenny McCarthy...well, I have never listened to Jenny McCarthy.  I'm not even sure I would recognize Jenny McCarthy if you showed me a picture of her with clothes on.

I don't usually get into the vaccination debate because I don't hang out with people who are stupid.  If I wanted to post something about why it's so important to vaccinate your kids, I feel like it's the same as telling a hippie that they don't need to shower. is an official statement from me so nobody wonders what my views are on vaccinations.

Vaccinate your kids!  If you don''re dumb.  Enjoy the measles. really have no reason to listen to me.  So...instead, listen to my good friend Jimmy Kimmel.

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