Monday, February 23, 2015

Growing Pains are A Pain in More Than Just The Leg

Desmond is 6.  This means many things.

  1. He is super fun. 
  2. He is super literal.
  3. He is super stubborn.
  4. He is growing super fast!
Off and on, Des has complained of pains in his legs.  It hasn't been too much.  Just, " leg hurts," here or there.  

I usually ask if he hurt it, he replies no.  So, I told him a little bit about growing pains. 

When I was young, I remember getting really bad growing pains.  I concede that I am a complete and total wuss, so when I say "really bad" it was probably little more than a dull ache.  But, whatever...I remember them being super painful.  

That's why, when Desmond woke up screaming the other night, I was filled with sympathy!

I was lying in bed sound asleep.  Kim woke me up.  Told me Des was crying for me.  So, I pop in there and, sure enough, tears are streaming down his face and he's crying "My legs hurt, daddy!!"  

Any of you parents out there probably know how much it sucks to see your little person in pain.  And, the worst part about pain like this...there is not really much I can do about it. 

I gave him some Tylenol, laid down in bed with him and rubbed his legs.  This seemed to sooth him enough to get him to fall asleep, again. But, man...I hate those nighttime screams.  

Growing Pains are fascinating to me, aside from the pain part.  When I was little, I would imagine my bones growing at a rate I could see inside my leg.  I mean, if it hurt that much, clearly you should be able to see the bone actually moving, right? 

Kid is sprouting up like crazy.  He's almost grown out of his school uniform.  He's still skinny as a pole, though.  

That's all.  Thoroughly enlightening post, I'm sure.  

Hey, stuff it.  This is my blog.  I write what I want!

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