Monday, October 12, 2009

What should we do for Desi's birthday?

This is currently the hot topic in our house. Desmond's big Numero Uno is coming up in just over a month. What should we do?

Shaundar wants to have a party at our house. She wants to have our closest friends over to hang out and chill and give Desi presents. Then, Desi gets to make a huge mess in his own little cake.

Me...I want to go out. And, I don't want the cake.

I know, I know...I'm a horrible dad. Kids are supposed to make a big cake mess. Well...Desmond has never had cake before, so he won't know what he's missing. Plus, that leaves a big mess to clean in the kitchen, not to mention a messy and hyperactive baby. Not my idea of a fun party.

I say, let's all go grab pizza with Grandpa P (who will be in town) Brian, Lise, Kelley and (Godfather) Ryan, put a little hat on Des (which will stay on for about 4 seconds), sing happy birthday, take some pictures and be done with it.

Bing Bang Boom. Birthday celebrated. No hyperactivity. No huge mess (any mess at all will be cleaned up by the help...I mean the waitstaff), and, we're done. Time to hit the mall.

Anyway...I put a poll up on the right. I am looking for the opinions of my 5 readers and anyone else who may occasionally peek at the site. What do you think?

So far...100% of the voters agree with me. That's one smart guy that voted. Smart, and good looking.


Staci said...

You are a goof ball...

The cake doesn't HAVE to be a cake. Give the kid a cupcake. Small and easy to clean up. Sit him in the high chair in just his diaper.

Think outside the box, you boob!!

Grandma P said...

Did anyone but GRANDMA P notice that Jason said GRANDPA P was going to be in town...Do you think he's giving me a hint?

Although I told GRANDPA P that now that the whole world has been told he's going, he'll have to go.

Desi's Grandma P said...

Why do I think Jason is stacking the voting here....????

Anonymous said...

Did someone say bouncy house??

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