Saturday, October 10, 2009

First of many times Daddy will dress Desi stupidly...OR...School Picture Day

Long story short...I forgot it was picture day. I sent Desi to school wearing a Microsoft T-shirt.

Still...Desi being the poser her is, the photos came out well. The hard copy images look better than the scanned ones. But, if you're interested, here they are.


Anonymous said...

Had you not mentioned it, I would have never known it was a Microsoft t-shirt...not that it makes a bit of difference...the child is totally, absolutely adorable and cute as a button!

What a smile!

Love you Desi!

Grandma P

Roadiee said...

LMAO... I can't believe you did this!!!! ;)

On a separate note, Desi looks like such a big boy in these photos...

Aunt Jennie said...

OMG!! What a little man he has turned into!!

Love ya bunches!!

Aunt Jennie

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