Saturday, October 31, 2009


I always have mixed feelings about Halloween. Not in the "day of the devil...filled with evil...go to the fall harvest instead" way. More of the "you're 15 years old and you're not wearing a costume, you little punk," way.

Every year is the same. You get your super cute kids showing up wearing great costumes. So far, today, we've seen a mummified colonel, a ninja, some character from GI Joe, about 6 Spidermans (Spidermen?), and a Michelle Obama. get the brats that show up in their street clothes with a backpack wide open on their front.

Anyway...Desi did his first Trick or Treating, today. It wasn't much. We basically went over to the neighbors to show him off, snapped some pictures and that was it. It was pretty chilly, so he went out in his Northwest Robin costume, complete with ear covering hat. He wouldn't keep the face mask on.

And...for your viewing pleasure. Greg Behrendt on Halloween. Funny stuff...beware, adult language.

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Grandma P. said...

Cute as always, although Quincy certainly gave him a run for his money in the cutie department. I've never seen a dog with a bigger smile!

For the first time in Havasu history (and you figure it's been 33 years now!) we had ZERO trick-or-treaters. We were actually surprised as there are several young kids in the homes surrounding us now...

Thnx for the pics! They made my night.

Grandma P/mom

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