Monday, October 5, 2009

Shaundar just doesn't understand how to act like a Proud Parent

We've been practicing standing with Desi. Most times, he'll balance by himself for about a second and a half and then fall in a random direction. This weekend, he started to grasp the concept of standing unassisted. On Saturday, we practiced and he lasted about 4 seconds. Then, on Sunday, he went even longer. Shaundar was in the shower when this happened. As soon as she came back downstairs, I said, "Mommy! Guess who stood for a full 15 seconds!"

I was so excited and proud of Desi, at dinner that night at Uncle Brian and Aunt Lise's (a quite good hippie Vegan meal by Aunt Kelley) we wanted to show off. But, Desi wasn't having it. I think he was done with standing drills.

But, I still made sure everyone knew! "Earlier today...he stood by himself for 20 whole seconds!"

From the other end of the room, I hear, "Earlier, you said it was 15." It was Shaundar speaking.

Clearly, she doesn't understand how this works. When you're kid does something, you increase or improve what they did when you tell the story to others. For example...if your kid plays baseball and scores a tell everyone that he hit a home run. If he gets an A in 2nd grade, you say he's reading at a Jr High level. If he comes home from school with a black eye, you say the other kid started it, but [fill in your kid's name here] finished it!

I have since explained this to Shaundar so she understands.

Good thing I didn't tell her Desi really only stood for 10 seconds.

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OurFishFamily said...

This is a great post! Don't worry, I completely get it! Mitchy just throws the football but Mark claims he's starting in the NFL!

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