Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Heart Walk

The fam participated in the American Heart Association Heart Walk, yesterday.

By the way...if you haven't donated, yet, you still can. My page is here and Shaundar's page is here. You can donate right on the site and all the proceeds benefit the American Heart Association and the research they do.

So...we walked with my Uncle Brian and our neighbor Jennifer. Here are some pictures.

Desi prepping for his first ever charitable event.

Over 8000 people turned out.

Des clearly found the whole thing very exciting.


Shaundar and Jennifer

Brian and Jennifer snacks.

The fam.

Our group...with Desi looking at the big boat.

Washington Pankow men.

Desi walking in the Heart Walk...with a little assistance.

Done walking, now.

At the finish line.

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