Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Who knew what being a parent would make you do...

For instance...just today, I did something I never in my entire life would think myself capable of doing.

I sniffed another human being's butt.

Desi has been gassy. He was crying. I though maybe we had poopie, but he was wearing a onesie and shorts. This could potentially be a lot of work in undressing him only to find a clean diaper.

My first reaction was obvious. I would just ask him. "Des...did you poop your pants?"

His response was to frown and then scream. I think he found my question offensive.

Since he wasn't giving me a straight answer, I called Quincy over. Quincy immediatly sniffed Desmond and gave me a look of, "That smells good...can I eat it?" Of course, this is the look Quincy gives just about anything. still wasn't clear.

This left me with only one thing to do...ask Shaundar to sniff Desi's butt.

Shaundar yelled at me something about going through labor and referenced a guy named Jack Cass. So, it was apparently up to me.

I proceeded to lift Desmond above my olfactory sensory device and quickly inhaled.

No poop.

What an exercise in futility. Oh's like Shaundar said about giving birth naturally..."At least I know I can do it, now."

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