Saturday, December 6, 2008

Super diaper skills

So, I mentioned that my friend and HR mentor Meghan came over to bring us dinner and snap some pics of Starbuck, right? Well...I have to dish a little bit about her diaper changing skills.

Now...keep in mind: I am a new parent. Until Desi, it's been about 10 years or more since I have actually changed a diaper (I changed Alina's while she was here with Tiffany, but nobody actually checked my work on that...I half think Tiff changed it again 10 seconds after the girls got home). I am still trying to perfect the art of the diaper change.

Meghan...she's like a diaper chaging Ninja. Tilly needed a change. Meghan busts out the diaper bag. I say, naively, "You are more than welcome to use Desi's changing table, if you want."

"No need," or something, replies Meghan.

Then, in a movement so fast it blows out the candles on the coffee table, Meghan busts out the diaper and whips it under Tilly. The old diaper isn't even off, yet. What a Great idea! New diaper under old diaper. This keeps any poop off the furniture.

BAM - whipies are out and *SWOOSH, SWOOSH* Tilly is cleaned up.

Then, *WHIP, SNAP, SLAM* done. New diaper on and taped, old diaper bundled and put away. Actually...I didn't even see her put it away.'s like the diaper changing Flash!

Anyway...these are the things that impress a new parent. I tried the new-diaper-under-the-old-diaper trick today. I'm not as good at it. First, Desi put his foot in the poop on the old diaper. So, I just took it off. Then, his poopy butt soiled the new diaper, so I had to get a new one. usual, he peed everywhere.

Long way to go before I hit Ninja status.

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OurFishFamily said...

I'm not sure if I warrent the Nija diaper changing award... I think I just had a lucky day! :)

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