Monday, December 29, 2008


Is is just me, or do babies go through 16 times more laundry than adults? I mean...I already mentioned that I have to change my shirt about 3 times a day due to spit up.

Well...besides me, Desi spits up on himself, on his swaddle, on his sheets, on his bib, on his changing table, on his outfit, on his outfit again because I just changed it because he spit up on the last one, and on anything else that gets in the way.

Throw into this the pee cannon that will unleash its fury on anything that stands in its way. Then, the occasional poop that leaks out of the diaper and onto whatever is in the danger zone.

Anyway...Shaundar does her laundry weekly. I do mine whenever I find that I've been wearing the same underwear for more than 3 days. But...Desmond's is done

Everyday, we go through all of our large burp rags. Every day, we go through all of our small burp rags. Every day we go through a number of washcloths. Every day, we have to change the sheets in his bassinet. This kid dirties more things than a pigeon on laxatives.

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Anonymous said...

Totally true.
BTW, Allie wants to get Desi a Christmas present. What does he need? Is your Amazon registry updated?
Love, Tiff

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