Saturday, December 27, 2008

Smile time

I think, over Christmas evening, Desi learned how to officially smile. Before, he was occasionally smiling. We could never tell if it was gas or pooping or an actual, "Hey, I kinda like these people." But, yesterday, we became sure.

We got him to smile over and over again. Not doing anything really exciting, but he still liked what we were doing. You know...a "boogabooga" here and a "narf narf narf" there. He got a kick out of those.

Shaundar even got a giggle out of him. It's pretty cute and it takes this whole "parenting" thing to a whole new level. Now...when he's shrieking, I know that later, he'll make up for the headache he's giving me by giving me a little smile and a laugh. HeeHee.

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