Friday, December 12, 2008

Desmond sucks...literally, I mean

Whoever invented the pacifier must be some magical wizard. Any parent probably knows this.

Desi has been comfort sucking at the breast an awful lot, lately. We chatted with the doctor about the fact that he seems to be spitting up an awful lot. The Doc said that he has put on plenty of poundage, so the spitting up is probably his bodies was of saying, "Knock it off, you glutton."

We tried to avoid using the pacifier early on. We read that it could hamper breast feeding. But, now, they seem to be doing the breast feeding thing pretty well, so we've been using it.

It's amazing. We're just chilling, he's wide awake, we're playing a fun game of "Who crapped his pants," when all of a sudden, "WAAAAAAAAA!" No reason...he wasn't the one who crapped his pants. He ate not that long ago, so he can't be hungry.

Oh, wait...he wants to suck something. I could give him the finger...I mean, a finger, but I am busy playing video games. So, I plop in the pacifier. Silence...except for the sucking sound. Silence, that is, until he spits it out. Then...even louder crying because he wants it back. So, I give it to I enabling his addiction? I don't know. Ask me again in a year.

There are a lot of different names for the pacifier. Four syllables is an awful lot to use for an infant, so it makes sense that people shorten it. I've heard binky and paci, most commonly.

I've chosen to go with "Sucky thing." It seems to make the most sense. I mean, where does binky come from? It sounds like a ghost on Pac-Man. And, Paci? That just sounds like baby talk, which I am trying really really hard not to use. I'm not a fan of shortening words by ending them early with an I sound...Desi excluded, of course.


Anonymous said...

Uncle George and I used to call the pacifier the "PLUG", lol.

Anonymous said...

Jakob and Ryan knew it as their Sucker...
we called it their Plug b/c that's basically what it's doing...plugging the hole the noise is coming from. :~)

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