Friday, January 2, 2009

Someone has a slobber problem

Took Quincy out to the dog park today for some exercise. He had fun running around with his doggie friends and seeing people. Plus, he hasn't had any off leash time since Desmond got here.

Unfortunately...over the last year or so, Quincy has developed a little slobber problem when he's exercising. Many dogs with jowls (bulldogs, bostons, pugs) slobber a bit. But, Quincy...I mean...well, just look.

Before, he would just give his head a good shake and the slobber would go flying off. Now...he gives a good shake and we end up with this:

The worst (or funniest) part is when another dog runs up to me for petting after playing with Quincy and I see a large wad of slobber smeared into that dogs fur.

Anyone want a dog?

1 comment:

Staci said...

Poor Quincy!! LMAO
It looks like he swallowed a shoe!!

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