Monday, December 1, 2008

How much can one person pee?

Seriously...I think of my worst day. Coffee in the morning, followed by tea, a half gallon of water, a pop or two, and a milkshake. I think of how much I can produce in that day...and, I believe Desmond can outpee me.

He eats, he pees. We change his wet diaper and he pees during changing. And, I don't mean *squirt, squirt*. I'm talking *peeeeeeeeeeeeeee....more peeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...pee..pee...peeeeeeeeeeee...pee*.

We have to replace the cover on the changing table regularly. I have started covering the cover with a towel. If I am lucky and manage to block off the rush of water before it gets to the towel, I can usually get away with switching out the towel only.

Come to think of it...he came out peeing. The doctor's direct quote was, "Here he is! And, he's peeing on me." That's not a joke. I looked over, and, sure enough...peeing. Crying and peeing. Now...almost every time I check, wet diaper. About 12 of them a day. If I wore diapers (and I don't) I would only dirty about 6 a day...maybe. Depending on how long I waited between bathroom breaks.

I wonder if there is a record for most amount of pee created by a baby in one day. I bet Des would win. I gotta find that entry form.

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