Things I can't wait to say

So...I've been practicing some lines that my dad used to use on my when I was a kid. I'm anxious to use them on Desmond. I've been practicing on Shaundar.

Things like:

He'll say: "I'm hungry."
And, I'll say: "Hi Hungry...I'm dad."

He'll say: "See you later."
And, I'll say: "Not if I see you first."

Then there is my personal favorite:
He'll say: "My (insert body part here) hurts."
And, I'll say: "Does your face hurt?"

I am curious how long it will take Desmond to figure out that the appropriate response to my lines is "Der her."


Anonymous said…
Probably even sadder to know that your dad still uses the same lines..
Staci, U. Steve's sometimes cynical g/f said…
Oh, but you forgot the all time favorites:

While driving in the car and Des & a friend/sibling are arguing you say:
"Don't make me come back there!"

How about:
"If (insert name here) were to jump off the London Bridge would you do it, too??"

And my ALL TIME FAVORITE that my Dad used to say to my brother (which to this day I STILL don't know what it means):
"You mouth is overloading your butt!!"
Joey said…
Or you could try my grandma's favorite:

He says, "I'm full."
You say, "That's whatcha eat for."

Or when he tells you that his buddy's mom let's his buddy draw on the walls. you say, "Well I'm not buddy's mom."

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