Thursday, November 6, 2008

Weeks away? Or, days?

We're getting pretty freakin' close. At our Doc appt. yesterday, Doctor says..."See you at your appointment next week. Or, maybe sooner!"

I think Shaundar's hit nesting. She's made a big list of things that need to be done. And, she gets upset every time she looks at it over the things that aren't done yet (like refinance the house).

Everyone tells me that we should enjoy this time without him here. Get sleep, go to the movies, get sleep, play video games, sleep, etc. But...after 9 months and with a very uncomfortable and cranky wife, I am ready to have this over with. I think Shaundar is ready to be done being pregnant, but I don't think she feels as ready as I do for Starbuck's arrival.

His due date is just over a week away. But, he's full term and Shaundar is starting to experience some symptoms of upcoming labor. No strong contractions, yet, however. So...could be this weekend, could be in 3 weeks. Any day now. I hate any day now. I want to know exactly when things are going to happen. Babies are annoying.

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