Happy Halloween! Or something...

So...while we are sitting here wondering about the doctor's prediction of 24-48 hours, let me show you what Shaundar will be pushing out of herself:

That's right...according to BabyCenter, Shaundar is going to birth a small pumpkin.

When I first saw these pictures showing us baby's size throughout the pregnancy, I thought the quarter was just to give you a size reference. Actually...I think it represents the size of the exit. That pumpkin is going to squeeze through that quarter. It's like a magic trick. It's like David Copperfield. It's really all smoke and mirrors. I bet the baby isn't even really in there. I bet the doctor really carries the baby in in her little "doctor bag" and quickly pulls him out during "birth."

Yeah...that's it. That other way is just impossible.


Anonymous said…
Good thing Starbuck won't be the shape of a pumpkin. Good luck to both of you!

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