Thursday, November 13, 2008

Happy Halloween! Or something...

So...while we are sitting here wondering about the doctor's prediction of 24-48 hours, let me show you what Shaundar will be pushing out of herself:

That's right...according to BabyCenter, Shaundar is going to birth a small pumpkin.

When I first saw these pictures showing us baby's size throughout the pregnancy, I thought the quarter was just to give you a size reference. Actually...I think it represents the size of the exit. That pumpkin is going to squeeze through that quarter. It's like a magic trick. It's like David Copperfield. It's really all smoke and mirrors. I bet the baby isn't even really in there. I bet the doctor really carries the baby in in her little "doctor bag" and quickly pulls him out during "birth."

Yeah...that's it. That other way is just impossible.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Good thing Starbuck won't be the shape of a pumpkin. Good luck to both of you!

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