Thursday, November 20, 2008

Making some changes

Don't be're still in the right place.

I am making some changes to the blog. Chaning the formats and also the title.

Great title suggestions, everyone, by the way.

I have decided that the new blog title will be "It's Life...but, not as we know it." I was humming "Star Trekkin'" the other day and it just came to me.

The address of the blog will eventually change, as well. I am not positive what that will look like as the address can't already be in use. Also...I do not know if you can still go to the current address and be automatically forwarded to the website. So...take this as warning. Within the next week, the address of this blog will change. If you can't go to the address and automatically be forwarded, just e-mail me for the new address.

Finally...big change, but one that I am not sure, yet, if it will really be a change: I have added Shaundar as a publisher to this blog. I'm encouraging her to contribute her thoughts, as well. She occasionally loves to journal things, but I think the technology and public nature of a blog scares her away, a bit. Anyway...look for that.

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