Saturday, November 29, 2008

Our last concert for 18 years.

Thanks to my folks, we were able to go out to a concert, tonight. We saw Brandi Carlisle perform with the Seattle Symphony. She was great.

It wasn't too hard to be away. I know Shaundar was a bit worried about being away from Desi for the first time. We knew he was in good hands with my mom and dad, but there is still the new parent jitters.

This is going to take some getting used to. Before, if we wanted to go out, all we had to do was make sure we were home long enough to put the dog out. Now, we'll have to find, and pay for, a babysitter.

Before...I would learn about a show I wanted to see and I would jump online as soon as I could to purchase tickets...BOOM! As long as there wasn't anything already on the calendar, we were good. Now...I will have to check the calendar and then find out if someone is available to babysit that night. Then, I can hope there are still tickets left.

Before...we could leave a show and go out for a few drinks and dessert. Now...we have to get home to feed the baby.

Before...I had a life. Now...I have a baby.

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Anonymous said...

I will ALWAYS babysit Desi. Order me a pizza and I'll be happy. Oh, and leave me with a car seat incase we get the urge to go to Mexico. . .

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