Wednesday, November 12, 2008

511? Is that the emergancy number for babies?

This was my line in the Doctor's office, today. Very brilliant, I assure you. For those not in the know, "5-1-1" is referring to contractions. 5 minutes apart lasting as least 1 minute for at least 1 hour.

We went to our, now weekly, Dr. appointment. After turning Shaundar into a puppet, the Doctor announced that she is 3 centimeters dilated and she should not go into work because this kid looks to be 24-48 hours away.

Umm, Exsqueeze me?

Shaundar's been routinely looking for the mucus plug (sexy, huh?) but hasn't seen it. Dr. says, "'re not going to see it now, because it's gone."

Anyway...who knows if I will actually get another post in before the "He's here!" post. But...worry not. This page will be the 1st to know. Well...after we tell all of our family and friends. Chances are, you will already know by the time you check the blog. If you don't...well, I guess we really don't like you enough to tell you.

That's not true! We just forgot about you.

So, here's the plan for getting the word out. I have an e-mail list. Not everyone is one it, FYI. I am expecting that certain people on the list will spread the word to others: ie, our bosses tell our co-workers and our families tell our extended family. So...if you don't get an e-mail, it's not really because we forgot or don't like's because you should yell at the person who forgot to hit forward on the e-mail.

We have decided that we just want the 2 of us to be in the delivery room. I know a few people who have had groups of friends/family in the delivery room with them. That's weird, to me. Just me and Shaundar, that's it. Oh...and the photographer. And, the String Quartet. And, Stan. But, that's it.

Once Starbuck is born and we get an hour or two to bond (and marvel at how gross babies are when they come out) we'll move into the Post-partum room. Visitors are welcome at this point. But, please keep in mind that my wife may punch you in the face if she's still a little on edge.

So...that's it. My next post will either be "Baby's here and I am freaking out!" or, "What is taking this kid so long? He's already taking after his mother."

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Anonymous said...

YIPPEE!! Uncle George has money on the Seahawks this year, thinking he had an "in" with a couple of fans to help them along. Too little, too late, guys. Maybe once little Desi is here the three of you can concentrate on the task at hand and bring them back from their shameful spot in the ranks. Plan "B" is the Chargers. I'm not sitting so bad with the Jets and the Ravens, but we will take all the help we can get.

Anyway...I know you will all do fine and maybe Desi can help bring the Seahawks home next year. We love you and will be thinking of you and watching for that "YIPPEE" at your end. Gosh, I think I might cry!!

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