Tuesday, October 28, 2008

When I'm a dad, I promise not to...

Have a bunch of babies with my mistress.

From BabyCenter:

Harry Potter star fathers second child with mistress

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Sir Michael Gambon is a busy man. The 68-year-old, known to many of us as Dumbledore from the Harry Potter series is about to have his second baby…with his mistress.

Sir Michael has been married to Lady Anne, a retired mathematician, for 45 years. They have a 44-year-old son together, and share a home near London.

The mistress is 43-year-old Philippa Hart, who shares a 17-month-old son with the actor. Philippa reportedly wanted to have a sibling for their son, and so chose to get pregnant again by Sir Michael.

A friend of Sir Michael’s said, “Michael and Philippa are delighted that she’s pregnant again, but he is very worried about what his wife thinks of all this.

“He says it will cause him a lot of hassle if it comes out, but his private arrangements are so complicated he can’t really expect a completely smooth ride.

“He continues to see his wife and mistress, but is very secretive about both relationships. He may be getting on, but Michael is still a wizard with the ladies.”

Lady Anne is reportedly taking the news “in stride.”


I mean...what? Seriously? Lady Anne is taking the news "in stride?" Is the guy so great in bed that all this is simply taken "in stride." What? Flabbergastment abounds.

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