Friday, March 24, 2017

Conversation Pieces with my DAD! Why you don't want your college team to win

I'm a Zag!  Through and Through!  I love my Bulldogs!  The time I spent at Gonzaga coincided with the Cinderella years of the basketball program.  That first year when we went in and made it to our first Elite Eight after knocking off #2 Florida State!

Gonzaga has made the tournament every single year since then!  However, we still have yet to make it to that coveted Final Four spot.  People call it the monkey on Mark Few's back.  Whatever...I wouldn't trade Few for anyone.  It will happen.  Hopefully tomorrow!  We are really excited for when the day comes.

But, every year the excitement reminds me of a conversation I had with my dad many years back.  I don't recall exactly when.

My dad went to Michigan State University.  MSU has made their share of Final Fours and have even brought home 2 National Championships.

Once again, I was excited for my Zags!  As I am every year (even when I know deep down it won't happen) I knew for certain that Gonzaga was going ALL THE WAY!

To which my dad tells me, "You don't want them to win."

Me:  "Why not?"

Dad: "Because as soon as you do, you get phone calls saying, 'Did you see how good the team did in the tournament...would you consider donating?'"

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Dad said...

Not near as interesting as the "boogers in the book" entry.

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