Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Let's all practice the Gonzaga Fight Song!

Here's a brief history of the Gonzaga Fight Song as told my my friend, Bernadette Durbin.

"Gonzaga "had" [a fight song] that had been borrowed and badly adapted waaaaaayyyy back when college fight songs were the rage. The Pep Band unearthed it in 1995 when they reformed, played it once, and decided to bury it.
 This one was designed by the guy who led the Pep Band for many years and was deliberately designed to sound like one of the classic songs (while including the chant that got popular with all its rhythmic glory.)"

I remember seeing words to a fight song at some point in my tenure at GU.  I feel like I even sang it somewhere, once.  But, everyone around me was in the same boat I was...what the heck is the tune for this. 

I like this version.  It's catchy!  It's fight songy!  I'll be singing it all week as we get ready to watch my Zags in THE FINAL FOUR!!!!!

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