Monday, February 16, 2015

I've forgotten how to write!

No...really.  I can't do it anymore. 

I'm talking about hand writing, mind you.  Do you remember how to write with your hands.  None of this typie typie stuff.  I mean actually putting a writing utensil in your hand and putting ink to paper.

Let me explain.

Since Des started Kindergarten, I have been wrangled into volunteering for a bunch of stuff.  School Commission, Parish Leadership Team, Fund Drive Committee, etc, etc, etc.  At a meeting of the Fund Drive Committee last night, we were asked to write Thank You cards to the donors. 

It took about 5 minutes before my hand started to hurt.  Seriously...5 minutes.  I was stopping and making and releasing a fist because I don't work those muscles for 5 straight minutes at a time, anymore.

Then, even more annoying...I forgot how to spell.  When you write, there are no red marks underlining misspelled words.  A simple word like donor.  Is it donor...or doner?  See, when I write it here, I can easily tell that doner is misspelled because it has a red underline!  So...what do I do?  I simply right click and pick the correct spelling.

Not that long ago, I remember getting into an argument with my mom over the teaching of cursive in school.  She was annoyed because schools are beginning to stop teaching cursive.  My mom thinks that's dumb.  Me, on the other hand.  The guy who doesn't actually hand write anymore, the guy who, when I do hand write, it's not in cursive, things it's completely ok not to teach cursive.  Because, kids are never going to need it!  It's not like someone has to write another Declaration of Independence or something.  And, even if they did, it would likely be written in Word...not on parchment.

Anyway...just thought you would like to know.  I can't write anymore.

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