Monday, February 9, 2015

Things that make me smile - Shia LaBouf...not what you think, though.

I frequently post things like this on Facebook.  Might as well make it a category here.

I am not a fan of Shai LaBouf.  I hate when actors take themselves too seriously.  Acting is more of a talent than an art, IMHO.  I mean, you are taking someone else's material and interpreting it through your actions and voice.  You're not the creator.  The writer is the creator.  You're just bringing a creation to life.  Shia LaBouf is a dude who likes to talk smack about a movie like Transformers.  A bad movie, maybe.  But,'s the only reason anyone knows his name.

Still, that's all irrelevant.  That is really more about why I don't pay money to see Shai LaBouf in movies.

But, I recently came across this little ditty.  It's pretty funny.  If you're having trouble understanding them, turn on the closed captions.

An example like from the song, "Actual cannibal, Shai LaBouf!"


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