Thursday, February 19, 2015

Republicans should support gay marriage!

I've said this before, many times.  Maybe even on this blog.  But, here I go again. 

I consider myself a Republican.  Despite my complete disagreement with the party stance on gay marriage.  Because, to me...supporting gay marriage actually IS a Republican value.

What?  What do you say?  That makes no sense, Jason!  God hates the gays!  Oh, wait...I mean, God loves the gays...he just hates the act of being gay.  Pray out the gay, boys!  Pray out the gay!!!

Well, the topic of gay marriage is once again in the news with the knucklehead judges of the mediocre state of ALABAMA decide they are going to ignore their Federal superiors and NOT grant marriage licenses to gay couples. 

Ok.  Here's where I jump on my soapbox.

Many of the people in ALABAMA are Republicans.  These ALABAMA Republicans, as well as many other Republicans like many of their federal counterparts, oppose gay marriage?  Why, you may ask.  Well, simple.  Because God.

Let's discuss what it means to be Republican, for a minute.  You know, Republican like Lincoln thought of Republican.  Or Jefferson, or Goldwater, etc, etc.

Republican means low taxes.  Strong military.  States rights.  And...most important to this conversation LESS GOVERNMENT INTERFERENCE!!!!

Since when did Republican equal "We should tell you who you can or can't get married to?"  Now, it is coming so far that judges are stepping in.  We get mad when Ruth Bader Ginsburg or Stephen Breyer "legislate from the bench." But when a nobody judge for ALABAMA wants to directly violate an order from the Supreme Court (called Supreme because that's as high as the court doesn't stop in ALABAMA) Republicans seem to think that's okie dokie.  WTF?

To my Christian brothers and sisters...particularly those that say you are Republicans.  I have this request.


Being gay doesn't hurt you.  Getting married to a same sex partner doesn't hurt you.  "Oh," you say..."it hurts the children?"  Prove it?  Cuz, all the research I've read says it doesn't.  And, I don't want to see any "research" done by Jesus Camp.

Ugh!  So annoying!  You guys seriously make it hard to convince people to vote Republican. case you're wondering why I keep shouting ALABAMA! It's because, whenever I say ALAMABA...I say it like Forrest Gump.

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