Sunday, January 18, 2015


Seattle Seahawks are once again heading to the Superbowl!  The first time in 10 years that a team has made it all the way to the big game in defense of their championship.

I am very excited!  SUPER DUPER excited!

So, don't misunderstand what I have to say here.

I am seeing a ton of posts from friends about this NFC Championship game being the best Hawks game, ever.  And, stats about how Russell Wilson has more playoff victories against Superbowl winning quarterbacks than anyone else.  And, other posts that seem to forget one thing.


We were down by 2 touchdowns with only 2:09 to go before the Hawks went on their tear.  We were outplayed for 95% of that game.  And, an argument could be made that it was the coin toss that won us the game.  Nice job, Tavaris Jackson!!!

We have a Superbowl to win, now.  And, we ain't going to do that with 4 interceptions, a fumbled punt return and defense that isn't its normal ass kicking self.

Let's be excited!  But, unlike last year, we can't be cocky this time.  Green Bay played a better over all game.  We played a better 3 minutes.  I am proud of the team!  I am excited to be a 12th Man.  But, I also know how close that really was.  We need a much better game next week.

Check out Russell Wilson's post game interview.  He knows he struggled.  He's emotional, not just because they're going to the Superbowl, but because he knows they almost lost it.

Great job, Seahawks!  Great job, Russell Wilson!  I am so HYPED to watch my team defend their championship!  Let's just not have another game like 2 weeks from now.

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