Thursday, January 22, 2015

My old favorite movies are so OLD!

Often, I think about how exciting it will be to introduce Desmond to some of the things that I used to love as a kid.  Particularly movies!  There are some movies that I JUST KNOW he will love as much as I did.

  • Goonies
  • Ghostbusters
  • Star Wars 
  • Three Amigos
  • Back to the Future
You know.  The new Classics.  

But, here's the thing.  These movies are so freakin' old, now!

It's like when my dad tried to get me to watch movies from the 70s.  I was like, DANG...those special effects are so fake!

Let's take Back to the Future.  Kim and I were just talking about how we want to watch the trilogy.  My mom bought it for me a few years ago.  I just need to find it in my still packed moving boxes.  

Anyway, I was thinking about how awesome it would be to have Des watch that with me.  

Then I realized the following things. 
  • Des has no idea what a Delorean is. 
  • Des has no idea what a Walkman is. 
  • Back to the Future: Part 2 happens this year!
  • Des won't get any of the references in the Cafe 80s scene (Ronald Regan, Max Headroom, Jaws 19 (shark still looks fake), etc.
I watched the trailer for it the other day and it even caught me off guard just how old that movie looks.  

I will probably skip showing him Back to the Future, for now.  I'll wait until it moves from old to "retro."  

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