UPDATE: Ads are live!!!  Sorry for that, kinda.  But, not really. :-)  I'm mostly curious to see what they can bring.  Click away!  You know you really want that online degree!  Or, maybe that penis enlargement!

So...I just signed up for AdSense to make $.25 to a dollar once in a while off this page.  Maybe just enough to pay for the annual renewal. :-)

I added a wiget on the side for ads, but the instructions aren't clear as to how I get final approval.  They sort of make it look like I need to place it prominently in the blog. goes!

Go ahead!  Click on it!  I know you want to!  In on it 100 times!

Not sure how much money I get for clicks.  Could be a penny.  Could be a dime.  Don't know.  We'll see, I guess.


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