Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Who taught you manners?

Shaundar was telling me a story about her trip to work, this morning.

We live in West Seattle and Shaundar works downtown. Our house is about 2 blocks from the bus line, so as long as she's able to comfortably make the walk, Shaundar will probably continue to take the bus to work.

Unless her experiences continue to mirror the one today.

So, this morning, Shaundar gets on the 21, which, this morning, was pretty full. Shaundar gets on the bus, and finds no seats left. She and one other person are left standing.

Did I mention that Shaundar is pregnant? And, if you saw the pictures below, you can see that it has become pretty clear. I will grant you, she is not 8 months pregnant. But, she is still the pregnant lady standing while everyone else sits. What's wrong with this picture?

Here's what should happen. Once the pregnant lady gets on the bus, guys should be fighting over who gets to stand so the nice lady who's in the family way can comfortably take a seat for the 20 minutes ride to downtown Seattle.

"Take my seat!"

"No...Take MY seat!"

"I got up first!"

"No you didn't! You were only leaning forward by the time I was fully erect!"

"Stuff it, Hippie!"

"You stuff it!"

At which point, the pregnant lady can gracefully take her seat while the chivalrous gentleman battle for the status of "Wellest Mannered."

But, unfortunately, Seattle has become so "liberated" that we've forgotten what it means to be a gentleman to a lady.

For the record...Shaundar says she hexed all the men on the bus. I hope they all get zits right in the middle of their foreheads that last for 2 months.


AuntJennie said...

I love this blog thing you're doing! It is just sooooo Shaundar and Jason of you. I'll be keeping up with all you put here. I just spent the last hour or so checking it all out and have totally lost myself in it. Very enjoyable. BTW Jason, you're beginning to look a little like Uncle George...lol. Love ya bunches! XOXOXOXOXO

Anonymous said...

Yes, I had to stand on the damn bus all the way up from Tacoma to Seattle when I was pregnant. I was so angry and hurt and very embarrassed. I would have probably said "no, that is ok" but not one person even offered me a seat. This was when gas prices were in the 2 dollar range. I was so humiliated and made sure that I showed my rather large bump on my way out as I walked up James St. to Harborview. Bastards! I showed them I could stand the whole 45 minutes and walk up First Hill. Unbelievable. As a woman, I would give a pregnant woman my seat. People are so mean these days.....

-T bone

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