Friday, June 13, 2008

All signs point to Penis

Apparently, we're having a boy. I'm already planning Baby's first Marniners game!

We have to go back in about 3 weeks because they weren't able to see everything they need to (they were continually trying to focus on the heart. This has me slightly worried. Although, my untrained eye thinks it looks the same as last time, only bigger). But, she seemed pretty sure that she saw a "little scrotum and penis." Who you calling little?

Anyway...they want us to come back after the 20 week mark as Starbuck will be a little bigger and hopefully more cooperative when it comes to moving around.

For the record...the girl's name we wanted to use was Jadzia. It's a form of the Polish name Jadwiga (pronounced Yad-Wiga, but we wouldn't do that to the kid). That name is apparently out, now.

Once we're 100% on the boy's name, we'll tell you what it is. I can't get Shaundar to commit. I think most of that is because she really wanted a girl and loved the name Jadzia. But, I have a feeling she'll quickly get over that once she starts decorating the nursery.

Get it? Male Man?
I know...weak. But, I needed a picture.

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Anonymous said...

The title of this entry, plus the photo promptly made me think of that line in "League of their Own". . "You look like a penis with a little hat on. . " LOL. That's a great movie.

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