Monday, June 16, 2008

Starbuck it remains, for now

While we have a clear front runner for naming, it's not set in stone, yet. We're going to keep considering names before officially declaring what will appear on Starbuck's birth certificate. So...Starbuck remains Starbuck, for now.

Anyway...#1 cool thing about this week. I'm having a son! Starbuck has gone from "Baby" to "our son." The second after hearing, "Looks like we have a little boy" this became more real.

Not that it wasn't real before. But, it was only real in watching my wife get larger and crankier. The previous Ultrasounds, while cool, still never pushed the button in my head that really made me realize that there was a person in there.

But...switching from Baby to Son has definitely pushed my mind in that direction.

Shaundar got me a Father's Day card "from my son." Which was very sweet of her considering I got her zilch for Mother's Day. Not that I was forgetting like a neglectful husband/father...I just still have to get used to this whole parenthood idea. Mother's Day means Don't forget to call your mother. Not...don't forget to get something for your wife.

Anyway...she got me a card and wrote all these gushy things in in and signed it, "Your Son." I got all weepy, damn me. I don't get weepy. Knock that crap off. Chug a couple beers and fire up some Rock Band! There. That's better.

Won't it be great when I can teach my son how to play?

Aw, we go again.

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