Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Muppet Babies Picture of the Day

Hey...Muppets have babies, too.

Actually...do Muppets actually HAVE babies? I mean, the Muppet Babies are just baby versions of the adult Muppets. And, didn't they live in an orphanage? Do they all have the same parents (making it very likely that said parents are super freaky) or did various mammels and reptiles and whatever-Scooter-and-Skeeter-are-ses have talking babies that stand erect at the same time. Why isn't National Geographic on this? I mean, they can put together a video of the inside of a womb (with the help of computer animation) but they can't figure out how a singing frog came to be?

And, who the heck is Skeeter, anyway? We never see her again? I'm betting she realized that there were better things in life than working on a variety show with B-list celebrities.

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