Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Japanese women have been doing it for years

I am going to the Mariners game today, which for some stupid reason is an early day game. Considering tomorrow is an off day for travel, I am not sure why this game has to be at 1:00.

Anyway, for a while, I have been wanting to get to the Benihana for their all you can eat sushi lunch buffet. But, I work in Redmond. And, when I work from home, it's still a hike to get from West Seattle to downtown without taking a chunk out of my work time.

But, today...I am just signing out for the afternoon. So, that gives me time to go down before the game and scarf down some raw fish.

Since I love her to pieces, I called Shaundar to invite her to join me.

It was then that she so politely told me (in that soothing Shaundar "Are you an idiot?" way) that she can't have sushi.

That's just dumb. Sushi is great. And it's full of Omega 3s, right? I mean, sure there's that whole Mercury poisoning thing...but that was just a phase, I'm sure.

This has been pretty trying for Shaundar to have to give up sushi. In her honor, I will now depart for Benihana and eat even more sushi on her behalf.

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