Friday, June 20, 2008

Stupid Boy Clothes

Why is it that baby girl clothes are so much cuter than baby boy clothes? I mean, really?

For baby girls, you can get these cute little dresses with cute little bows and stuff. Baby boys get this yucky baby blue color with a smiling whale that's saying Sea Adventurer. That's stupid. I mean, I am not the most fashionable...but, Sea Adventurer?

We were at target this evening because Shaundar has been desperately wanting this pair of maternity Gauchos that she ordered off the website in March or something. She periodically checks the stores to see if any have come in because the website has been backordered.

We decided to check out the infant clothing.

Hey...this is cute! So is this! This is just adorable.

Okay, since we're not having a girl, let's move over to the boys clothes.

Ugh...this is stupid. I'm not dressing my kid in that. Does a 2 month old even know what a helecoptor is?

For those of you that anticipate being on our registry...please do not buy Starbuck any goofy clothes like, "Daddy's Little Angel" or "Too Cute for Time Out" (I don't care how cute he is...little brat will be in time out if he messes with me). Everyone is going to have to find that line between "Cute:Stylish" and "Cute:Disgusting."


Really Cute:


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