Wednesday, May 3, 2017

We have amazing friends!! Well, Kim does, at least.

Just kidding!  My friends are great, too!  And, we all know that a bonus for having Kim as a friend is getting me, too!!!

So, Kim has recently completed Baby Shower #3!

Baby Shower #1 was held by her girlfriends.

This was taken right before the pillow fight. 

This was taken right before I ate all the Nutter Butters. 

 This was taken. 

Then her coworkers threw one.  Unfortunately (or fortunately) Kim's friend Michaela only took pics of me.  I mean, I'm dead sexy, so I get it.  But here they are. 

Here's me being awesome in Owen's new Mariners hat. 

Here's me being awesome and eating baby food for money (guess the food...$5 for each correct answer...I got $20!  I think I left it in my pants pocket),

Here's Kim joining in my awesomeness.  

And, finally...the 2nd grade mom's at Our Lady of Guadalupe threw one!  Alas, I haven't received any pics from this one.  Although, it did come with a great "Diaper cake" made by Grace.  

People rock!  We love you guys!  We've pretty much checked everything off of our baby list.  There is more stuff that we will get a bit later.  Our house is only so big, so there will need to be some rotation.  Although, he currently has 92 onesies.  That is not a joke.  He literally has 92 onesies.  Not a lot of pants, though.  So, we'll either need to by him some bottoms or he can just start taking after dad early and go pantless most of the time. 

Anyway, friends rule!  Thanks, all!!  

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Michaela said...

Amazing people deserve amazing friends! :) So glad I get to be one of them. And what can I say....the camera loves you.

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